Well after the nervous energy of the run up to the Photo exhibition at the University  and the actual exhibition itself it was good to go and do something completely different.                                                                                                                           I had   promised to read Tarot cards to the 2 ladies who serve us lunch at our over 50’s lunch/excersise club (im 49). I was still feeling overwhelmed by the last few days that had just gone before, but as I had made arrangements I thought I had better  go. 

It was a loverly warm day for once so I dressed in shorts and sandles and got there just in time for the excersises.  At first it always  feels strange going through the excersises with people aged 80~98 but after a few rounds I really do start to feel the benifit and I realise how much my last two major operations took from me!

After a loverly lunch of fish and mushy peas, Lisa invites me into a back room and asks me to make it my own. Out the ront the others are starting to gossip and want to know whats going on.

I read Lisas’ then Loissas’  and I was amazed at the completely different kind of lives these two similar ladies  have.  I cant tell you too much as Tarot readings are personal, private and confidential, but I can tell you after spending 1/2 an hour with each one I felt I had helped both of them see and help them to realise some of their dreams. It helped me too as I, like everyone else, tend to stereotype people without even trying too.                                                                                                                      


    Two completely different spreads!

I went home feeling I had really helped Lisa and Loissa in their life choices and this, in return, helped me to feel thatI have a greater purpose in life, that is to  help others lead a more healthy, spiritual and  empowered life.