I have been wandering around aimlessly   feeling like I dont know what to do with myself. I slept well for 8-9 hours and started the day in my usual way by reading emails and catching up on on my friends news on facebook. I noticed that there was nothing in the events calendar for this weekend to do so I went surfing around trying to find something to do this weekend. NOTHING. Everyone is at Glastonbury festival, evan BBC 6music is broadcasting all week from there! So I had my bath and cooked my breakfast in my oven. I decided that I was going to go to the  TGLB  NA meeting Covent Garden and then try and get a client  to read their cards. So I decided to use one of my photoes and add  the  word   “Tarot” over the top. It took me all afternoon. More RSI’s, a grumpy face, and the outcome was  rubish.  I realised I had wasted hours on doing something that I could have done in minutes with a piece of card and some chalks. Usually I make my sign on my pitch and it helps draw interest to what I am about to do which is read cards. I felt rather stupid as now I had to rush to get ready and I was running late.                                                                                                                                     I eneded up going to my local AA group instead. While I was there my mood started to wane and I lost all interest in trying to find a pitch. I wanted to go for coffeee after the meeting but nobody else was up for it. I phoned Pete, he was up for a coffee. We decided to go to ‘The Foundry’ instead but I soon lost interest in that idea too as it is now closed and is only a squat now.                                              Sat  in  his kitchen it suddenly hit me. I am not taking my EASTROGEN anymore as I have a major operation coming up. I have to stop 6 weeks before the op as the horemones can cause blood clots. This is why I feel so aimless, pathetic,listless and empty. Suddenly I was smilling as everything now is fitting into place. Two days ago I was so wanting something to happen I was surfing for Easyjet and enquiring for price of hire cars. I thought I could get a short holliday in before my op on 21st July. I thought I was going mad!!                  Reality check; I have just finished Uni, Harley my beautifull dog has just died, I have major surgery coming up(clonovaginaplasty) and its my summer holidays.

I must chill out,relax and stay calm. My dinner is in the oven, I have some TV to catch up on with demand and all is actually fine; Stop panicking Angella~Dee and take a deep deep deep breath! x x x x x Namyohorengekyoxxxxxxxxxx