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9' multicolored statue at Riverside

Controversial statue for a contraversial special place.

Well, I had an operation booked for last wednesday. A colonavaginaplasty to be so very proper correct! Two hours before leaving home with my cases packed I gets a voice mail call. A message for Angella~Dee, “please do not turn up for your 4pm appointment at Charring Cross Hospital, your appointment has been cancelled”. Bloody Hell,  ‘Dont they know who I think I am’? I had this operation appointment given to me 5 months ago, everything in my whole life pointed at this day. Time zone ZERO.2!          Nothing exsisted beyond this date, I would be in another  unknown time zone with new unlimited dreams, ambitions and goals. As you can see, I put rather a lot of importance on this op. My first neo~vagina rejected me a year ago with ostallosis? So Mr Bellringer (yes thats his real name) my plastic surgeon offered me a colonovaginaplasty, an upgrade, a rebore, a self lubricating delux model!       Another appointment wasnt offered last week so I was sweating bad. I mean 6 weeks without HRT I found it hard to control my  body temperature and Wow could I be sharp with people. Dont mess with Angella~Dee when she isnt on those damned whoremones, she is so proper trouble!                                                                                                   I never saw myself as a control freak but having no appointment and an empty diary left me in somewhat of a dilemma.  What am I supposed to do in No~Mans land, or should I say’No~Womans land!                          Well, on Teusday I went to visit my friend who had just had the same operation that I was to have, lucky girl, at Charring Cross.

Were these peeps a couple o drunks?

 I was strolling through the graveyard at the back and I was wrighting  a congratulation card for her when I got another phone message. “Please cal this no, NOW”. Butterflies or what? “We have an appointment for you in 3 weeks, is that OK?”    You bet it was so Ok, I felt like a weight had just been proper lifted off my shoulders. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Whoopee, I was so very sky high, I was floating in hyperspace. I walked into Charring Cross to see Jael with the biggest smile on my face I have ever had, Phew, sweat, Arghhhhhhhh!     

Jael was real dozzy, but I soon bought her round with some good chit chat. Cant wait to see her again soon. We love you Jael, get better soon x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x                

     It’s 2am, 19th Aug 2010, and I actually cant believe that I am  here in my very own ‘Joan collins’ suite here at Charing Cross Hospital sex change factory. I made it, without getting that dreaded call. “message for Angella~Dee”  Argh, no, dont evan go there! 

Sex Change Factory

Sex Change Factory

      I got here at around 5ish with Pete. We were a little late so Mr Bellringer, who had just called in to say hello, had just left. We sat in the day room while I waited for a bed. Luckilly the wards were full and a private room was being vacated. So we waited. A space did become available on a ward but I said I would wait as I am noisy and I need space to spread out.                         So here I am, anti~embolism socks on, jabbed up with blood thinners, TV on, phone plugged into laptop, nighty on and sunglasses not!


Good friends

Ready to go?


We are the law!

We are the law!

4 years and I enjoy it more each time. The first times I was so overwhelmed I just photoed everything possible. Now I get a press pass, I have become so much more bold, with access to ‘special’ VIP places. This year I knew all the best places to go and at what times to be there.
                                             So I met Jael at Baker Street station and the story begins.

Click Here to see the album of the PRE~pRIDE WAITING GAME.

The first album I published was actually of all the people I have got to know over the last 5 years since I started mixing with the “Trans~Communities”.

I still cannot believe I just got that phonecall!

Last night I was dreaming that I had had a phonecall from my GP. I couldnt quite hear what she was saying. I assumed it must be that my blood tests had come back from Charing Cross Hospital and that my next op, colonovaginaplasty, was going to be cancelled. So this evening when I answered the phone and it was my Gp, I assumed the worst. Instead it was the best news I have heard in ages. Primary Care have agreed to fund my Breast~augmentation!                                                               WOW, the smile on my face is hurting, I still cant believe it. PCT had been stalling on this request for months and months. Questions were being asked that only the Gender Identity Clinic could answer and they were not answering any of our requests. I thought the PCT were going to drop the case as G.I.C were not coming up trumps. OOOooooooooooo Wow.