I still cannot believe I just got that phonecall!

Last night I was dreaming that I had had a phonecall from my GP. I couldnt quite hear what she was saying. I assumed it must be that my blood tests had come back from Charing Cross Hospital and that my next op, colonovaginaplasty, was going to be cancelled. So this evening when I answered the phone and it was my Gp, I assumed the worst. Instead it was the best news I have heard in ages. Primary Care have agreed to fund my Breast~augmentation!                                                               WOW, the smile on my face is hurting, I still cant believe it. PCT had been stalling on this request for months and months. Questions were being asked that only the Gender Identity Clinic could answer and they were not answering any of our requests. I thought the PCT were going to drop the case as G.I.C were not coming up trumps. OOOooooooooooo Wow.