Its 3 months since my last transsexual operation(colonavaginaplasty), and I am just now starting to feel back on top form. There have been times where I thought I had better not write about what happened to me after the operation as people could use the information to belittle my surgeon!  I don’t like sensationalism and I wont promote it. It’s just a known fact that complex surgery can and often does have weird side effects. If you don’t believe this, don’t have surgery!                                                                   Let me set the sceen.I was in a single cell, I mean room, for a whole week and I had hardly any contact with other transsexual patients. I had plenty of visitors and I had my computer and a Tv to help pass the time.                                                                                  This operation isn’t to be taken lightly. It is seriously invasive.                                      The surgeon has to go inside you to get the parts to make the neo~vagina. He took out the useless appendix while in there and removed parts of my small intestine. He used the small intestine to reconstruct me a usable vagina. How so very clever!

You are supposed to wait a week and then the surgeon and his nurse will come and remove the packaging from inside. However, the night before they came I decided to take a shower. Stupid me!             I got out of bed to switch channels on the Tv  when I felt a little uncomfortable down below. I pulled down my knickers to have a look. What happened next was like a clip from a horror movie………..The packaging slipped out followed by loads of blood and fluids and splattered all around the floor and all over my legs and feet!  I pressed the panick button. It looked like I had had a baby!  luckily the night nurse was well up with the procedure and he got the room cleared up and bought me a couple of dilators to get on with my first dilation.                              Panic over I inserted my new dilators with ease and I felt real pleased with myself and my surgeon for what seemed like a text-book success!              Little did I know what was to come!