Welcome to my  University

WILL i ever learn!

Good morning Islington (London N1)
This Blog is going to be the most diverse, controversal, colourfull, educational and stimulating Blog ever written.OK?
For starters I am exhibiting the results of my year at LCC, University of the Arts this week where I learned the ins and outs of Profesional Photography.
Am I nervous, you bet. There will be over 100 students displaying their art(photoes).
Last night about 15 of us went out to a cuban bar for dinner, as soon we will all be going on our seperate journeys.
I photograph just about anything that I think is interesting and/or beautifull. Next month I will be photographing at The Pride Carnival so I had better get my body healed in time as it is so demanding.
My body aches all over from RSI! I have been stooped over this computer too long editing my final portfolio and I really must recover. I am starting to feel my age catching up.
Photography is only one of my many skills. I play soprano sax and tin whistle, I can juggle and fire dance, tight rope walk and stand on my hands!(not at the same time). I also read Tarot cards!! More WILL be revealed as I develop this Blog.
I hope you will enjoy viewing this as much as I will enjoy creating it.
all my Love Angella~Dee Sherriffe x x x